Making smartphones work for law enforcement

Collect notes, issue provincial offence notices, complete reports - all from a smartphone.

SceneDoc powered mobile strategy

Today's off-the-shelf devices are overwhelmingly powerful. But even more importantly, they're versatile. SceneDoc harnesses the devices' capabilities and aligns them to the needs of the front-line officer, providing a workflow tool that collects richer information, travels with the officer wherever they go, and enables them to complete their work from the palm of their hand.

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How it works

With SceneDoc, front-line officers can collect richer notes, issue provincial offence notices and complete reports using standard off-the-shelf smartphones & tablets. Built to be highly configurable, we work with your current systems to enable a seamless flow of data from the field to the back office.

Work from any
of your devices

Function online
or offline

Real-time sync
to web portal

CJIS & FIPS 140-2
software compliant

Built-in efficiencies like
ID scanner & voice dictation

The Digital Notebook

The notebook is a fundamental component of Canadian police work. Notes serve to refresh memory, justify decisions made and actions taken, record evidence, and support prosecutions. Yet today, Canadian agencies rely almost exclusively on pen and paper documentation to record their activity. It is time for the digital tools available today to assist in this process, equip officers and agencies with richer documentation, develop more efficient workflows, and ultimately empower them to keep up in today’s digital society.


Optimized for smartphones & tablets
Natively built for iOS & Android

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What do our
customers have
to say?

"When I came onboard, I was using a phone that none of their other current customers had - the Kyocera Duraforce Pro. That day, SceneDoc went out and bought one specifically to test with, just to make sure everything worked perfectly for me. That’s a company that cares about its customers."

Chief Bill Motley - Hulett Police Department

"Using the speech to text function, I can actually walk and talk at the same time. So if I’m walking somewhere, I can be making notes, my head is up, I'm in a safe environment and I can be alert."

Inspector CJ Kyle - Metro Vancouver Transit Police

"We believe SceneDoc represents a major advancement in policing… one that will improve accuracy and increase productivity."

Chief Michael Osborne - Midland Police Services

"I have always been a believer that our officers on the front-line need access to technology that can help streamline paperwork without the need for laptops and driving back to the station. This by the way, becomes the enabler to community-based policing and directed patrol strategies."

Former Superintendent, Garry McCarthy - Chicago Police Department

"When I recommended charges against an individual, and all my notes were digital from SceneDoc. I was able to quickly collate all that information on a desktop into a manner that I can print off for my hard copy submission to my court system."

Constable Michael Wooley - Metro Vancouver Transit Police

"I am impressed by their growth pattern and see strong potential for SceneDoc to become a standard. The team’s passion and their focus on the customer, coupled with their technology vision make this an exciting opportunity."

Director, George Heinrichs - Public Safety Ventures

"Having managed both patrol and investigative functions over the course of my career, SceneDoc would have been an amazing addition to our tool set in creating the efficiencies law enforcement needs."

Retired Chief Charles McClelland - Houston Police Department

"This type of technology is the path of the future in policing and it is great to see our students working ahead of the curve. It is very exciting to see the students so eager and enthusiastic to employ this new tool and I hope its use expands throughout the program and into the real world."

Kevin Bryan - Seneca Professor and Detective with York Regional Police

"From the software itself, to implementing the solution in an educational environment and on-going support, SceneDoc has really delivered for us, helping faculty and students at TCTC enjoy a highly effective and enhanced classroom experience through integrated practical applications of SceneDoc’s cutting edge technology."

Jim Cerenelli - TCTC Criminal Justice Instructor

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