SceneDoc is redefining the role of mobile technology in public safety.

Our goal is to revolutionize the field of law enforcement and public safety through the use of secure mobile technology.

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Save your people an hour of paperwork per shift with SceneDoc, public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval. Now, your personnel can do much more with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need. When you use SceneDoc, your people can spend more time in the field, doing the job they’re most passionate about.




Current technology should be working harder for public safety. That’s why we built SceneDoc. In just one solution, your personnel can take notes, capture images, record audio and video, complete electronic forms and generate reports – even offline. They can share information and collaborate in near real-time, from any internet connected device, so potentially lifesaving intelligence is only a tap away. What’s more, SceneDoc seamlessly integrates with your CAD and RMS, extending data to the field.




SceneDoc reports exactly what your people collect, see and hear. It’s the easiest way to optimize how they work and how work flows. The best part is, SceneDoc makes modernization a breeze. It can be deployed in days rather than months, installed in as little as one hour and configured in minutes. Plus, users are operational in less than half an hour.

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See why 90% of our customers are advocates

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Recent Accolades

PWC Vision to Reality Awards

2014 PWC Vision to Reality Awards Winner

Top 10 Up-and-Coming Technology Companies Category

The Vision to Reality Awards program celebrates dynamic start-up companies that have demonstrated notable growth and hit impressive benchmarks, making them Canadian companies to watch.

The Top 10 category recognizes companies that have demonstrated significant promise and growth, establishing a path for future success in the technology industry. Companies must show sustainability, budding success and potential as the next big thing.


IBM Global Entrepreneur

Program Launch Keynote Speaker (Alex Kottoor, CEO)

IBM Global Entrepreneur is an exclusive global program bringing together entrepreneurs, investors and experienced mentors who want to build a Smarter Planet. IBM Global Entreprneeur provides startups with access to world-class advisors and IBM support, free software and technology, and an extensive network of global experts, VCs, and investors.

Read the blog post about the event here – SceneDoc CEO gives Keynote at IBM’s Global Entrepreneur Program Launch



GovTech100 2017

GovTech100 is a compendium of 100 companies focused on and making a difference in, and selling to, state and local governments. GovTech has earned recognition as its own market segment through the work of a growing number of companies, and the investors that back them, in helping governments do their work more effectively in serving their communities.

SceneDoc is proud to be listed as part of GovTech100 2017, recognizing effective and efficient contributions to the communities our clients serve.

  • When I came onboard, I was using a phone that none of their other current customers had, the Kyocera Duraforce Pro. That day, SceneDoc went out and bought one specifically to test with, just to make sure everything worked perfectly for me. That's a company that cares about its customers.

    Chief Bill Motley Hulett Police Department
  • We continue to expand our use of SceneDoc to meet our initiatives to save money and reduce administrative overhead. Two clear benefits delivered by SceneDoc.

    Chief Jeff Hughes Brentwood Police Department
  • When I teach CSI to Federal Special Agents, I emphasize that 'advances in forensic sciences mean little without the necessary training of the officers who are first on the scene but last on having the tools they need once they get there.' This software changes this notion, since users will be guided on how to document, collect, and preserve evidentiary items, every step of the way.

    Dr. Ed Espinoza Deputy Director, US Fish and Wildlife Forensic Lab
  • SceneDoc drastically improves efficiencies and saves hundreds of man hours in the field allowing our officers to get their work done faster and free up time they need for important investigations and proactive police work.

    Sergeant William Hutchinson Palm Springs Police Department
  • From the software itself, to implementing the solution in an educational environment and on-going support, SceneDoc has really delivered for us, helping faculty and students at TCTC enjoy a highly effective and enhanced classroom experience through integrated practical applications of SceneDoc’s cutting edge technology.

    Jim Cerenelli TCTC Criminal Justice Instructor
  • This type of technology is the path of the future in policing and it is great to see our students working ahead of the curve. It is very exciting to see the students so eager and enthusiastic to employ this new tool and I hope its use expands throughout the program and into the real world.

    Kevin Bryan Seneca Professor and Detective with York Regional Police
  • SceneDoc’s integration into the county’s unified emergency management platform ensures city and county first responders can seamlessly share information across agencies when our residents need us the most.

    Trent Roberts Fire Marshal & Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Lexington, VA
  • SceneDoc cements the small details and provides credibility to the large details.

    Criminal Investigator Mid-Sized Police Department
  • From the first hazardous materials Incident we documented with SceneDoc, the value of their platform was clear, we were able to photograph the incident, complete the required forms and disseminate the reports to stakeholders all from within SceneDoc in less than 25% of the time.

    Neal Turner Office of Emergency Services Coordinator, Montgomery County
  • We believe SceneDoc represents a major advancement in policing… one that will improve accuracy and increase productivity

    Chief Michael Osborne Midland Police Services