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Collect takes eNotes a step further.

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“In an increasingly digital environment, Police mobility services are critical to the efficient and effective delivery of Police operational activities. The ability to capture and share notes digitally will extend the current functionality, as it will facilitate an electronic and centralized database of notebook entries to continue to support staff being more 'street' than station.”

Superintendent Rob Cochrane - New Zealand Police

“The check in button is super useful if you're changing locations all the time, its just another safety measure to keep track of where you are and it’s so simple.”

Staff Sergeant Dex Huber - Metro Vancouver Transit Police

"When I teach CSI to Federal Special Agents, I emphasize that 'advances in forensic sciences mean little without the necessary training of the officers who are first on the scene but last on having the tools they need once they get there.' This software changes this notion, since users will be guided on how to document, collect, and preserve evidentiary items, every step of the way."

Deputy Director - Federal Law Enforcement Agency

“Technologies like SceneDoc create real opportunities for police to become far more efficient. And it starts with gathering more and better dots; information is king and critical to intelligence and proactive policing.”

Former Superintendent, Garry McCarthy - Chicago Police Department

"We continue to expand our use of SceneDoc to meet our initiatives to save money and reduce administrative overhead. Two clear benefits delivered by SceneDoc"

Chief Jeff Hughes - Brentwood Police

"Now that SceneDoc has come in, all I use in my phone. And this is all I have to carry. I don't need a pen, I don’t have to worry about that at all. And in my work as an investigator in surveillance, I can be making notes and it looks like I’m writing a text. So I can really blend in, which helps."

Constable Daamiann Skelton - Metro Vancouver Transit Police

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