Public Safety’s New Standard for eCitations

SceneDoc is public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval. With SceneDoc, patrol officers now have a 21st century solution for eCitations. Comprised of a highly configurable mobile application together with cloud-based data backup and administration, SceneDoc is the proven solution for public safety and goverment agencies around the world.

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SceneDoc eCitations will be a valuable addition, giving our officers, who are primarily on foot, an efficient and secure way to issue citations using their smartphones.

Inspector CJ Kyle - Metro Vancouver Transit Police


Use your Timeline to share data, perform searcheand provide team members and supervisors with visibility to critical data in real time.

Any Device, Anywhere

SceneDoc eCitations works across all your hardware: tablets, smartphones and laptops. It also works across your operating systems: iOS, Android and Windows.


With a forms builder that you control and manage, your officers can leverage SceneDoc to digitally input an unlimited amount of forms and have data instantaneously searchable by peers and supervisors.

Open API’s

Simplify the push of citations and related data to the Court and/or Records Management System.


SceneDoc integrates with NCIC, CPIC and other national databases to provide real time and critical data right in the palm of the officer’s hand.

  • SceneDoc Leverages the Full Capability of Mobile Devices

    Document scenes faster than ever, share reports from the field and produce visibility to command structure. SceneDoc is the must-have app that will drive your mobile adoption.

  • SceneDoc Enables Field Personnel to Report at the Point of Need

    All required photos, videos, digital annotations, forms, notes securely transmit to a
    centralized location for secure storage, collaboration and integration with the organization’s RMS or other systems-of-record.

  • SceneDoc Facilitates the Sharing of Important Data

    Users can access the information they need in near real-time from anywhere.
    Data becomes accessible by any authorized user with a device connected to the web, anywhere in the world.

  • SceneDoc Maintains a Secure Chain of Custody

    Since every action is logged and tagged back to a specific password protected user, the source and history of each piece of information is preserved.