Electronic citations
powered from your
mobile device.

Automating your citation process

Not writing by hand is just the beginning.

Proven to reduce stop
times more than 50%

Re-capture revenue previously
lost to handwriting errors

No more manual entry into
your court systems

Less time spent on
the side of the road

Life with SceneDoc

Citations become quick and easy.

Issue a citation
using any smart device

Built-in ID scanner
populates fields

Issue violator copy
using bluetooth printer

Data immediately flows to the
cloud where it is now searchable

Data is ready for direct
export to your courts

What customers are
saying about our eCitations

"SceneDoc delivers far more than your traditional ticketing and citation software. Going mobile with iPads was something I’ve wanted to do for some time and SceneDoc’s focus on how police officers harness power out of such devices certainly served as the lynchpin."

Chief Billy Charles - Galena Police Department

"Not having to deliver our tickets means my Deputies can stay on the road longer, without having to return to the station."

Current Customer