SceneDoc for Education

The New Standard in Public Safety Education

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SceneDoc is public safety’s first all-in-one mobile software for data collection and retrieval. By modernizing with SceneDoc, agencies operate with higher levels of clarity and control, with fewer moving parts, capturing data and reporting at the point of need.

SceneDoc allows educators to replicate the complexities of real life public safety work, therefore better preparing students for what’s to come. By introducing SceneDoc to the classroom, students are able to properly interact and understand the processes and technology that are used by officers every day. This allows students to know what will be expected of them in the workforce and be ready for whatever their new career may require of them.

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At SceneDoc, our goal is to redefine the role of mobile technology in public safety. Today, SceneDoc is being used at all levels of Federal, State & Local government organizations. There are also over 2,000 students currently using SceneDoc as part of their required course material in Public Safety programs across North America.

Supported Courses:

  • Forensics
  • Traffic
  • Emergency Management
  • Loss Prevention
  • Pre-Fire Services
  • Pre-Paramedic
  • Crime Analysis
  • Interviewing and Investigations
  • Communication Skills
  • Custom Courses on Request




“This type of technology is the path of the future in public safety and it is great to see our students working ahead of the curve. It is very exciting to see the students so eager and enthusiastic to employ this new tool and I hope its use expands through the program and into the real world.”

Kevin Bryan, Seneca College Professor and Detective with York Regional Police

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Forms in the Palm of Your Hand

Quickly access and complete the most up-to-date forms right from your device. You can generate and submit reports in near real-time.

Simplify Audio Recording

Efficiently record audio statements and capture case notes without the need for additional devices.

Digital NotePad to Sketch and Annotate

Create digital scene diagrams, take notes, and markup photographs quickly, then share your notes with your team and command structure.

Record Video and Share Seamlessly

Capture hi-resolution video to support your investigation and stream or share securely in near-real time.

Take Photos and Log Details Automatically

Capture photos and reduce the risk of human error by automatically logging date, time, and GPS location in the photographic log.


Use Timeline for e-notes, non-incident based data collection, daily activity reports and much more.



Field Resources Right on Your Mobile Device

Keep the most up to date SOPs and Statutes on your device in searchable, easy to access documents – accessible right from the scene.

  • SceneDoc Leverages the Full Capability of Mobile Devices

    Document scenes faster than ever, share reports from the field, and produce near-real time visibility to command structure. SceneDoc is the killer app that will drive your mobile adoption.

  • SceneDoc Enables Field Personnel to Report at the Point of Need

    All required photos, videos, digital annotations, forms, notes securely transmit to a centralized location for secure storage, collaboration and integration with the organization’s RMS or other systems-of-record.

  • SceneDoc Facilitates the Sharing of Important Data

    Users can access the information they need in near real-time from anywhere.
    Data becomes accessible by any authorized user with a device connected to the web, anywhere in the world.

  • SceneDoc Maintains a Secure Chain of Custody

    Since every action is logged and tagged back to a specific password protected user, the source and history of each piece of information is preserved.

  • SceneDoc Provides Near Real-Time Access to Field Data by Supervision

    With reports and data flowing in near real time from the mobile device to the server, supervision has immediate access to the information they need to make informed decisions about resource.