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SceneDoc Featured in Women Police Magazine

by Evelyn Roth on March 23, 2017

Women Police – March 22, 2017 – “Seven or eight years ago I began looking for technology that would enable police officers to trade in their paper notebooks for digital ones, but two-factor authentication and the absence of Canadian cloud storage stopped me in my tracks.

Then, in February 2016, I attended a Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police conference on Information Management in Vancouver, British Columbia. As I walked around the vendor booths, I stumbled upon something called SceneDoc. The vendor, Adrian Bubalo, explained SceneDoc to me, and I knew I had finally found what I had been searching for.

In June 2016, a crew from SceneDoc gathered in Vancouver and conducted a presentation for a group of about 65 people from 10 police departments and a number of key stakeholders, including Police Services, Motorola, Microsoft and Samsung. Following this presentation we hit the go button on our SceneDoc pilot project.”

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Evelyn Roth

Evelyn Roth comes to SceneDoc with more than 18 years of marketing and communications experience in both B2B and consumer marketing. She has worked with organizations such as Rogers Communications, Bell Canada and Arbor Memorial. She has had experience in both enterprise and start-up environments. While at Bell, Evelyn led over 10 vertical practices including government and public safety. She has a breadth of knowledge across all areas of strategy and integrated marketing tactical implementation.

Evelyn RothSceneDoc Featured in Women Police Magazine