Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Questions

Who is SceneDoc designed for?
SceneDoc is designed for use by front line officers, field agents, and highly specialized crime scene teams.  However, the highly configurable workflows, forms and reports make it an excellent platform for any related markets where field documentation is prevalent.

How do I arrange a demonstration or pilot for my Agency or Department?
Simply complete the online request form or email us directly at and a member of our client team will gladly assist.

How secure is the web-based portal?
SceneDoc is laser-focused on information security and data integrity.  SceneDoc has been architected according to the most stringent mobile and cloud security standards as defined by a number of global government/law enforcement agencies (e.g. US Criminal Justice Information Services – CJIS – Cloud security standards).  For a detailed description of SceneDoc’s security architecture and certifications please email us at:

Does SceneDoc have to be deployed in the Cloud?
SceneDoc supports cloud based integration for public, private and hybrid deployments. However, if dictated by policy, SceneDoc offers specialized on-premise deployments as well.

Why did you collapse the Siamese Systems and MobileCSI brand?
In late 2013 we rebranded from Siamese Systems and MobileCSI, to SceneDoc as it is known today.  See the press release – App to Platform: Rebranding to SceneDoc

Platform Support

What do I do if I have a technical issue?
For any technical help please contact

Where do I create a new account so I can login into SceneDoc?
For account information contact

I received my login credentials, what do I do now?
For your first login, your mobile device have a data connection for the authentication process to successfully complete. Simply login to authenticate and begin using SceneDoc to document your scenes.

How do I create a new Scene?
As part of any agency or enterprise deployment, end user training is mandatory to ensure we maximize your investment.  To learn more about our training methodologies, approach and scheduling simply work with your Account Executive or email us at

How do I import a photo from my gallery or from an external Digital SLR?
When using files from an external digital SLR or other device, you must first import the files to the tablet/smartphone. Once imported you can add your photos by navigating to the SceneFile in which you require the images. Tap the Photos icon in the navigation bar, and the plus (+) icon to engage the “Add New” menu. Once engaged the menu will give you the option to import images from your device. A similar method is used to import the images to a NotePad.

How do I synchronize my SceneFile with the secure SceneDoc cloud portal?
SceneDoc automatically syncs all of your important data securely whenever your device has a data connection. If you do not have a data connection, SceneDoc will place the sync request into a secure cue and transmit the data once a network connection is established.

I have more questions, who do I contact?
Contact our support team at and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.

For more information about SceneDoc, you can view the About Us page.

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